Intergroup Liaison

Intergroup Liaison Documents

Summary: the Intergroup Liaison serves as area representative to maintain open communications with Intergroup Central Offices. His/her regular contact with the Intergroup Central Offices helps provide the area with an informed membership regarding Intergroup Central Office matters.


  1. Coordinate with Intergroup Central Offices in the area to help ensure a two-way flow of information between the area and the Intergroup Central Offices through reports to the NETA.
  2. Attend all Intergroup/Central Office service meetings when possible.
Central Office Of Ft. Worth
Central Service Office Tyler
Central Texas Intergroup Waco
Dallas Intergroup Association
Oficina Intergrupal Hispana Of A.A. Dallas
Oficina Intergrupal Hispana De A.A. Fort Worth


Any other Intergroup/Central Office formed within the Northeast Texas Area3: Participate when requested in NETA activities (i.e. workshops, panels, etc.).